Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Vitamins and Iron

One raw carrot per day = 100% RDA vitamin A

I really recommend the calorie counting website/app It is an easy way to keep a track of what I am eating and of planning recipes and meals. I have found this diet to be a really good learning experience -- I have become much more interested in nutrition and what I eat. The core of myfitnesspal is keeping a food diary.

One of the best things that I've learned from keeping a food diary is that I have been short in Vitamin A and Iron.  I googled 'foods rich in Vit A' and now eat at least one raw carrot a day. Being a non meat eater, the iron isn't so easy to fix, because the sources of significant quantities of iron are all meat based -- liver is good if you're interested. (Food trivia  -- apparently before iron was available as a food supplement the only known cure for pernicious anaemia was large daily servings of raw liver -- yuk!).  I've opted for a multivitamin with Iron.  Before keeping the food diary, I was completely unaware that my diet was low in vitamins and iron. Already
I'm feeling brighter and more energetic. Is it the weight loss or did I have an iron deficiency? It really doesn't matter because I'm happy to be feeling better.

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