Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Quick Low Cal Chocolate Pots (60 Cals)

I felt like a bit of a treat last night, and thought that a chocolate pudding would fit the bill. These little chocolate pots are pretty good, considering they are only 60 cals each; and they're really quick and easy to make.  I'll put a picture up next time I do them

Recipe (Makes 2 Desserts)
2 dsp Options Chocolate Drink
2 tbsp Instant Coffee
30g Cornflour (about 1-1/2 dsp)

Add the chocolate and coffee to a pan with about 150ml water. How much water you add is a matter of preference, I prefer them smaller and more chocolatey. Gently bring to a simmer then take off the heat. Gradually add the cornflour to thicken and return to a very low heat stirring all the time. Simmer for 30 secs, pour into small mugs or ramekins.
If you have a few cals spare then why not a 1/2 tsp grated 70% chocolate (15 cals) or 1/2 tsp caster sugar and then flash over it with a blow torch to make a brulee topping (10 cals).

Nutritional Information (Per pot)
Calories 60
Total Fat 1.0g
Sat Fat 0.6g
Total Carbs 10.4g
Fibre 2.0g
Protein 1.8g


  1. Sound great but i'd love to see what they should look like. How much grated choc on top?

  2. The quantity of grated chocolate should read 1/2 teaspoon (15 cals) -- thanks for pointing out the omission. I'll try some pics next time I make this. I usually pour the mixture them in little coffee cups, and thought that they might not photograph too well. Anyway, I'll give it a try for you.


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