Wednesday, 3 April 2013

My First Two Fasting Days

First Fast Day

OK, my partner and I have committed to doing this.  It's all going well -- I've started using a great little app to help me calculate calories.  It works really well on my Iphone and the web site is excellent as well.  So I spent day carefully working out the calories of what we're eating -- skipped breakfast and opted for coffee as it usually suppresses my appetite.  Lunch was Leak and Potato Soup and rice crackers, and then a friend invited us for supper.

Learned Rule 1 Don't go out on a fast day, even if you think you can do it.  I calculated that we could eat a small portion of the Tortellini that posh catering-friend was making, plus some salad.  Oh dear, I didn't reckon on the rich cheese and cream sauce and as a consequence my digestive system went into over-drive and I was soon in the agonies of terrible wind and indigestion. 

Second Fast Day

Still learning how to do this, and once again skipped breakfast.  Two poached eggs some carrots and peas for lunch, and a mixed salad made from tinned beans, cucumber, celery, apple, rocket.  Tasty but I started getting really hungry towards the end of the day, and munched through 4 Marmite rice cakes (which are better than plain ones, but still pretty dull).  There must be a better way to do this.

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