Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Second Two Fast Days

Fast Day 3

I don't fast on consecutive days, I've just grouped them together for convenience.  I've decided that skipping breakfast on a fast day isn't such a good idea, so on the third fast day it was poached egg for breakfast with a couple of my delicious rye crackers; a salad for lunch again, and a Quorn and veg chilli for supper. I'm really pleased with the chilli, because it's a good plateful that looks good and tastes great.  I don't have a problem with Quorn mince, it makes a good low cal Chilli.  I'm finishing my third fast day feeling peckish rather than hungry, and I think I can make a go of this.

Fast Day 4

I'm getting into a routine.  The egg is a good start to the day and leaves me feeling full until lunchtime.  Today's was a cottage cheese with salad of drained haricot beans, celery, home-pickled beetroot (good) and broccoli/calabrese.  Dinner is a lowcal cottage pie with Quorn mince. By the end of the day I've got a few spare calories I have a cup of tea and a half-share of a Lidl's chocolate mousse bar (10+29 cals respectively).  

I'm going to share my recipes for the chilli and mince pie.

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